Chairman’s Message

Our Valued Family Member,

Founded in 2007, Rooya Group is one of Egypt’s fastest growing real estate development & tourism investment companies, with outstanding progress & record in developed projects along with those in progress.

Rooya Group is proud to be driven by its growing number of family members, reflected in the amount of valued property owners.  We do not perceive them as clients but rather as an integral family that is catered for throughout a long process.  Our starting point is actually from the time the new member obtains his/her constructed property.

The motto in Rooya Group has always been that our relation, really, starts after receiving your residence.  It is not a matter of sales for our group but, fundamentally, a matter of increasing our family members.  Such a relation enabled us to invest more than US$ 2 billion in real estate development, coupled with a paid capital of over US$ 124 million.

The name Rooya, or vision, portrays what we stand for; a set of principles and fundamentals that revolve around the family; one which has to grow on trust, satisfaction, loyalty and above all an eye on the future.

With this in mind, the Group originated from a partnership between Tiba for Real Estate Investment & Osoul Fund bringing together expertise & international exposure.  The shared vision and consistent strategies led both entities to cater to our family in Egypt’s rich market, where the promising potentials were transformed to reality.

With our past record and our future projects, our family will enjoy the landmarks that are being created for them in Telal Al Sokhna, in Canals Village Marsa Alam, in Telal on the North Coast and Stone Park in Katameya in New Cairo.

I thank all our family members for entrusting us and for helping us reach where we are today. I also promise them to add to this family more members and more landmarks.

Yours Truly

Arch. Hisham Shoukri